We believe physical retail environments can be sites for meaningful experiences.

Avida helps retailers establish the vision for elevated shopping experiences.

From vision to deployment — Avida is your end-to-end partner.

Avida’s unique experience design process begins with research and stakeholder consultations.

We utilize mixed research methods and stakeholder engagement techniques to gather insights that form the basis for your in-store experience vision and concept. Based on the agreed concept, Avida provides a roadmap for in-store experience design, technology requirements and specifications, content strategy, content development, implementation, and ongoing program management and technology support services.

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A multi-dimensional approach to experience design.

Avida’s 8 Dimensions of Planning is a strategic design framework created specifically to help retailers manage complexity, align stakeholders, uncover deeper understanding of challenges and opportunities, and plan and design store experiences that respond to business, brand, and customer needs.

We apply the 8 Dimensions framework (what we call Dimensional Thinking) to all aspects of our work to ensure that every design decision enhances the customer experience.

Avida's 8 Dimensions of Planning

  • Brand

  • Story

  • Service

  • Product

  • Technology

  • Spatial

  • Temporal

  • Aesthetic

Brand Dimension
Key to ensuring brand integrity across channels.

Story Dimension
Key to creating an intellectually satisfying and cohesive experience.

Service Dimension
Key to ensuring experiential touchpoints supports and does not disrupt your service design and delivery model.

Product Dimension
Key to ensuring products are not overshadowed by other experiential touchpoints.

Technology Dimension
Key to ensuring optimal technology integration and effective operations.

Spatial Dimension
Key to planning for scale across different store sizes and types.

Temporal Dimension
Key to prioritizing experiential touchpoints and messaging.

Aesthetic Dimension
Key to ensuring the total experience comes together holistically.

How we work

An end-to-end 4 phased methodology.

We work closely with your team during all phases of work.

Ongoing program management & technical support.

Consistency is the key to lasting relationships. As an end-to-end partner for your in-store experience program, Avida provides ongoing Program Management and Technology Support services after the program has been deployed across your store network.

We pride ourselves on being the added bench-strength you’ve been looking for.

Avida helps retailers establish the vision for elevated shopping experiences.

Discover how our experience design methodology can elevate your in-store retail experiences.

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