Avida believes in better shopping experiences for all.

Since 2010

Avida has established itself as a leading Canadian provider of turnkey digital signage solutions for brick-and-mortar retailers.

As the retail industry has evolved, so too has Avida. Expanding our strategic service offerings to encompass the entire in-store experience has enabled us to better serve our clients in meeting the challenges faced by physical retail in the age of digital disruption.

We embrace change and the exciting opportunities it presents for driving innovation.

Avida helps retailers establish the vision for elevated shopping experiences.

Understanding through exploration.

We believe that shifting consumer behavior patterns and expectations has created new opportunities for retailers to re-think their in-store experiences. Avida’s human-centered strategic planning process and multi-sensory experience design solutions are designed to help your company develop its own holistic vision for future retail environments. By bridging the physical and the digital, we aim to help retailers rediscover the opportunities for customer engagement inherent to having physical shoppers in a physical store.

How might you provide your customers with seamless multi-channel shopping experiences that can touch the senses, the mind, and the heart?

Where others aim to be faster and louder, we take a step back, we pause, we take the time to think through experiences holistically and from multiple perspectives, then we execute for maximum and lasting impact.

We're the added bench-strength
you've been looking for.

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