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a human-centred strategic design company. We create thoughtful and impactful retail experiences that engage the senses, the mind, and the heart.

We work with retail innovators to plan, design, deploy, and manage Retail Experience Programs that put people first.

Avida’s multi-dimensional strategic approach and design methodology helps your organization unearth innovation blocks, customer friction points, and hone in on what matters most.

Avida helps your oranization identify and solve retail challenges.

We solve problems, not symptoms

Together, we sketch the contours of your future vision, establish a refreshed store concept, develop experiential touchpoints that respond to real retail challenges, and articulate the value that in-store retail experiences can bring to customers.

Our unique ability to provide end-to-end solutions ensures our Retail Experience Programs and technology platforms provide consistent and engaging experiences that are scalable, flexible, and reliable.

Consistency of experience is the key to lasting relationships.

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